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Creating a home spaYour Home Spa

Imagine taking a hot relaxing bubble bath after a long day of work. The calming aroma of the bubbles and the perfect water temperature simply melts you away. Being submerged inside your bathtub allows you to escape from the busy world, giving you a brief moment of peace that no one can take away. Now, wouldn’t you like to enhance this wonderful experience by customizing the bath space itself?

Room for Upgrades

Being soaked inside a typical bathtub may be good but it really isn’t good enough. There is always more you can do, more you can enjoy. Whirlpools add a massage feature that you always crave and need. Large luxurious bathtubs will allows you to share the space with your partner, comfortably, without having to squeeze yourselves in a cramped space. A customized bathroom is able to offer so much more when compared to stock bathroom designs and models.

Luxurious Bathroom ModelThe Guilt of Luxury

While such luxury is important in our lives it does give us a little sense of guilt. No matter how much we appreciate it, we cannot shake off the idea that we are splurging, especially during such tough economic times. But while other luxuries may prove to be so, bathroom renovation is unique in a sense that it is actually an investment rather than simple expenditure.

Luxury as an Investment

There are few places in a home that stands out when renovated, namely the bathroom and the kitchen. Even when you splurge on high-end fixtures and create your dream bathroom with all the possible features such as whirlpool, glass door shower and etc., the money you spend is actually added to the value of your home. When you decide to move to another home later on your life, the market value of your house will be higher when compared to your neighbors of equal size, since your home has the extra luxury built in. Everyone appreciates good design and high quality. The value of these additions are easily calculated on top of your home’s value.

Getting the Job Done Right

Of course, this is only true when you do things right. You can easily decrease the value of your home by creating problems in your bathroom. These problems will include unstable plumbing and/or piping, unplanned designing (i.e. cabinet doors that don’t fully open, fixtures in awkward position) and generally poor craftsmanship. You dream projects can turn into a nightmare in a split second when you choose the wrong people for the job.

elegant bathroom design themeRight Choice for the Job

Marcon Bath offers a unique service that truly takes care of you. From planning to designing to supplies, Marcon Bath is truly an one-stop-shop for all your bathroom renovation needs. Their years of experience in the field has acquired them unequaled professionalism along with countless number of praises from past customers. Marcon Bath’s commitment to customers doesn’t simply end at the planning or designing stage. They also offer additional service of hiring the right contractors for you so that the job can be completed flawlessly the first time around. If you already have a contractor that you trust and would like to hire, Marcon Bath is able to cater to that situation as well and work seamlessly with any contractor they are given.
Please contact the professionals at Marcon Bath today to receive your consultation. You may also opt to drop in at their showroom conveniently located in the west side of Toronto. For contact information and address please visit the Marcon Bath website.
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